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Brother is an experimental, short, animated documentary  that takes audiences inside filmmaker Joanna Rudnick’s intimate phone calls with her brother during a period of his remission from heroin addiction. Their nonlinear conversation paints a detailed, uncensored picture of one person’s story of addiction—tracing back to the pain of a debilitating learning disability, followed by years lived on the hamster wheel of relapse and recovery under the stigmatizing shadow of a society that views substance use and dependence as a moral failing.

This personal narrative is a universal story experienced by millions of families living with opioid addiction every day. In Rudnick’s telling, the story crosses between past and present, fantasy and reality, documentary and narrative, and the bonds and boundaries that pull families apart. 

Brother was made possible with support from the Independent Television Service (ITVS) and Fork Films. We owe an incredible debt to the actor Lance Barber, who skillfully and with all of his heart and soul portrayed Matt Rudnick in the film. You can watch the full film on the PBS YouTube channel.

Joanna is currently in pre-production on the second two episodes following Brother, which together will form the THE OPIOID TRILOGY series. 

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We need your help! Please consider supporting the production of other two episodes in the The Opioid Trilogy By by visiting our fundraising page at the International Documentary Association.


Joanna Rudnick


Andrew Lyndon

Director of Animation

Eli Olson


Nick Francis

Art Direction/Storyboarding Artist

Erika Brekke


Patrick Zimmerman

Associate Director of Animation

Tatiana Ray

Lead Rotoscope Artist

William Ryan Fritch


Robin Mortarotti

Director of Photography

Bijan Sharifi

Sound Design + Mix

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